I’m building yet another tasks extension for Chrome

I’ve recently finished a course on React-DOM and I want to further enhance my skill with it. One way to improve my skills is to continue reading; I’m easily confused as to which path to follow and lose sight of what I wanted achieve. I chose the approach of building a tasks extension.

It may not appeal you but it’s simple, easy and I get to have fun, besides my anxious brain can finally rest with any concerns of privacy. With that being said, what I want this tasks extension to do

  • Log Tasks, duh!
  • Assign priorities to tasks
  • Display all the tasks
  • Ability to pin the tasks
  • Drag and Drop tasks to modify priorities
  • Mark tasks as done
  • Have a timer associated with the tasks

I plan to finish the extension with these tasks by May 9th

Apart from these I want the extension to do a few more things, though I may not accomplish them, I’ll definitely try to look do them

  • Have a timer similar to Pomodoro technique
  • Weekly reports of tasks

I’ll be developing the extension with the following, but not limited to

  • React
  • Redux
  • Reactstrap
  • Bootstrap
  • Redux Thunk

I’ll make some time each day and make a step forward towards finishing the extension. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to ask for help, people will surprise me. Finally the goals of this project are

  • To learn a little more than yesterday
  • Ask for help when I’m stuck
  • Learn to finish the project
  • Have fun doing this project

I’ll be logging my progress daily over here. so hop in for tiny updates and my reminiscing of what had gone with the day in regards to this project!

Ciao for today!

Not much to brag about